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The constant success of books that tackle spirituality or self-help has shown that people are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve themselves or find meaning in their lives. A few years ago, one of those books that had everyone talking was a book that presented a simple question that everyone wanted to ask: “What on earth am I here for?” With this question and the succeeding answers, Rick Warren’s best-selling book, The Purpose-Driven Life, took over the world.

This September 2008, the book takes on a new life through Living the Purpose-Driven Life: RELOADED, a one-day, interactive workshop designed to equip participants with the tools needed to define one’s Life Purpose and pursue this in different areas of life, including one’s personal life, professional life, spiritual walk, and relationships. The whole day event is set to take place on Tuesday, September 23, at Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila Hotel at Ortigas Center. The workshop will be facilitated by seasoned trainer, consultant, and life coach Anthony N. Pangilinan.

While the course is based on the book, the workshop also goes beyond the pages with new and extended topics, practical applications, interactive exercises, and assessment tests that are designed not only to inspire or spur you into some action but to significantly impact your life—and those you influence—for the better.

“We usually get two types of questions,” shares Anthony Pangilinan. “Most people ask if the workshop is still relevant to those who have already read the book. The answer is yes; in fact, we have the designed the course in such a way that readers and non-readers alike will go home with new insights and a clearer understanding of the topics discussed in the book.” He continues, “There are also some people who are familiar with the material who ask if the spiritual principles in the book can actually be applied to one’s professional life. Again, the answer is yes. What we’ve done is to take the principles presented by the book and show you practical ways to align your
personal and professional goals to your organization’s overall purpose and vision. In the end, even your business or organization will benefit from what you can learn at the workshop.”

Each participant will receive will receive a comprehensive and interactive Living the Purpose-Driven Life workbook. The workshop is also designed to be interactive—individual exercises and group sessions will be conducted to help you understand your personality and shape better, apply what you’ve learned to your current situation, and ultimately grow and maximize your potential. At the end of the workshop, each participant will leave with a clear-cut purpose and vision, as well as practical application points that can help participants start living the purpose-driven life immediately!

The whole-day workshop is being offered at a fee of P6,500. An early bird rate of P5,850 is being offered to those who sign up on or before August 29, 2008. Limited slots are available. This workshop is an extension of the best-selling book, The Purpose-Driven Life, and as the only official endorsed workshop in the country, a portion of the proceeds of this event will go directly to Purpose-Driven Life Ministries. To register or to get more information on this workshop, call The Master’s Lighthouse Foundation at 994-5908 or 994-5918 (look for Flor) or e-mail

The Living the Purpose-Driven Life: Reloaded workshop is presented by The Master’s Lighthouse Foundation and Purpose-Driven Ministries Philippines, in cooperation with Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila Hotel,, and

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